What is Land-O-Newts Records?

Land-O-Newts began as a living room studio and cassette label in Eugene OR in 1987. Equipped with only a Tascam 4-track, a Casio SK1, a cheap microphone, and a dream, over many years and over a dozen cassette releases, I traded tapes with people all over the world.

Now Land-O-Newts is back home in Portland, and although I've said goodbye to tape hiss, and have some digital tricks up my sleeve, the heart of Land-O-Newts still beats the same way. From here in our basement aquarium studio, the newts and I will be putting out our own brand of home-made music - nerdcore, electro-acoustic nature-beat, electronica, and the oddly normal pop songs that occasionally haunt my dreams.

Land-O-Newts is the official record label division for WaterDog Studio - the commercial/production side of the sonic equation, where chief Mad Scientist Heather Perkins creates music and sound for dance, multimedia, animation, video, games, theater, and live performance. One of the coolest things about Land-O-Newts - as well as the inspiration for the name - are my two newts Fluffy and Snowball, who have been with me since 1987 - I never knew newts could live so long, but I am so glad these two are still with me!

In April this year, I also added two new denizens - Sonny and Cher. They are reported to have already logged about 10 years each before coming to Land-O-Newts, and they are busy getting fat and happy in their new habitat in my studio. Photos coming soon in our (under construction) Newt Media section.

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